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A show quality kitten is one that meets the Japanese Bobtail breed standard and has the type of personality that will make it amenable to being shown. Many of the typical characteristics of the JBT, including their adaptablility, playfulness and active mind, can make bobtails delightful to show.

When show quality kittens are available, preference is given to placing them in homes where they will be shown. If the kitten will be shown, it often will be available for the same price as a pet kitten. It is important at Janipurr that our show quality kittens be shown, so while we will consider placing one in a pet home, the price will be higher. Since altered cats are eligible to be shown, these kittens will be spayed or neutered before going to their new homes.

GRC Ginchika Xquisite in Silver
"Scully" enjoyed being shown
right from the start.

Currently we have no show kittens available.

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Updated 26 October 2012