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What makes a kitten "pet quality"? Sometimes it is due to the length of the tail or shape of the head or body,sometimes it is simply the fact that the kitten is male and a breeder can keep a very limited number of male cats in their breeding program. In any case, they make excellent companions. Any minor physical deviation from the show standard has no bearing on that!

JBTs usually adapt easily to life with a dog. Janipurr kittens are raised with a dog.

Janipurr's Boo Radley and
Lunarcoons Jeoffry
Radley went to his new home and
made a new best friend--
a full-grown Maine Coon!

When Janipurr pet kittens go to their new homes they are already neutered or spayed, and have had a minimum of two vaccinations against distemper and have been treated with a dose of Advantage Multi. They have not been vaccinated against rabies or feline leukemia--that is up to you and the kitten's new veterinarian. However, since these kittens are meant to never go outside, it is our opinion that these two vaccinations are not necessary.

Bobtail kittens, ready for action

Currently Available:

1 Brown Tabby and White Spayed Female
Born March 3, 2016

Fully vaccinated
Microchipped (new owner responsible for registration)
Sweet and sociable, loves to lick your hair.
Gets along well with everyone, would be good with kids/dogs/other cats.
Located in Southern California, am willing to ship.

Updated 5 September 2016