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Janipurr Japanese Bobtails has bred and loved Japanese bobtails since 1990 (formerly Janipurr Birmans). All colors and patterns are bred, but we specialize in smokes and silvers. Bobtails are a semi-foreign, short tailed breed known all over Southeast Asia, but especially Japan. Their personalities are active, inquisitive, and fearless. People who acquire their first bobtail often wonder later how they ever lived without them! 

Male Japanese Bobtails tend to be outgoing, obnoxious, affectionate, and they pretty much like anyone they meet--especially if they have food! Though I enjoyed my closest bond with a red and white neuter for the last ten years, he really never met a stranger! 

Females tend to form more intense, single person type bonds, very attached to their chosen one but not necessarily friendly with strangers or other cats. If you want a cat that will spend hours in your lap, get a female.

All are very active, intelligent, curious, and food oriented, though they do tend to be very good for homes with other cats, dogs, children, and general chaos, since their greatest strength seems to be their ability to adapt.

For more information on Japanese Bobtails, please visit our JBT FAQ to discover if a Bobtail is the perfect cat for you!


GC,NW,BW Ginchika Okonomiyaki DM
CFA's Best Japanese Bobtail and
17th Best Cat Nationally 2006
Bred by Jennifer Reding and Owned By Jennifer Reding and Nikki & Cory Crandall-Seibert

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Bobtail colors are mostly arranged in a van pattern (mostly white with splashes of color), but they also come in solid colors such as black, white and solid red; they also come in dilute colors such as blue and cream. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) does not recognize the pointed pattern ("Siamese" pattern), or the ticked tabby pattern ("Abyssinian" pattern); all other patterns and colors are recognized. The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes all patterns, all colors. I have to this date seen only one pointed Bobtail, but none with the Aby ticking. 

[Japanese Bobtail kittens] GRP, RW Janipurr's Zilli of Gaijin
and GRC Janipurr's Zai.
Image Copyright 1998 Paradox Photography.
[Silver Patterned Mi-ke Kitten] GRC,RW Ginchika Fuzakeru of Rockinashi
Image copyright 2002 Chanan Photography


I actually started in 1989 with a Birman named Lucy. I had been showing HHPs for about 6 months, and met Lucy's breeder at a show. Lucy came to live with me on a rainy, cold New Years day, 1989. Lucy eventually had to be spayed, but I had acquired Joto (GRP, RW Kiddlyn Tomodachi Joto of Janipurr) in the meantime, desperate for  something to show. Joto went on to be a combination CFA/TICA Regional winner that same year (1990), including 3rd best JBT alter in the nation (Number 1 and 2 were both CFA National winners that year). He again made a TICA regional win the next year. Sadly, Joto died on August 22, 2000. We shared a special bond, and I will miss him greatly for a very long time. 

The very first cat I bred (CH Kiddlyn's Atarashii of Rockinashi) became a CFA DM in May of 1994. To date in CFA I have produced 25 Grands, 5 Regional Allbreed winners, 2 National Breed winners, and 7 Regional Breed winners. There have been 8 TICA Supreme Grand Champions or Alters, 8 TICA Regional winners, and 4 TICA International winners, including TICAs Household Pet Kitten Of The Year 1995, Suicidal Tendencies.

The latest wins include GRC,RW Janipurr's Iro'Otoko , who was CFA Northwest Region's 14th best cat and Best of Breed, and CFA's National Third Best of Breed for 2000-2001; and his brother GRP/SGCA, IW Janipurr's Itazura (shown by Denise McInerney), who was TICA's 18th Best Allbreed Alter, Best of Breed Alter, and TICA's Mid-Pacific Region's 2nd Best Alter for 2000-2001. In June of 2001 I achieved my second DM: GRC Janipurr's Vendetta of Coonyham, DM. GRC Rockinashi Tashikani of Janipurr, DM earned her Distinguised Merit title in 2002.
GRC,RW Janipurr's Iro'otoko
CFA's Third Best Japanese Bobtail and Northwest Region Best Japanese Bobtail and 14th Best Cat, 2001
Image copyright Chanan Photography


I can usually be found at CFA shows in California, Nevada and Arizona. Please e-mail me for my most updated itinerary. 

For more Japanese Bobtail breeders, please visit our Breeder Listing on the Fanciers Website.[mi-keJapanese Bobtail kittens]

GRC Janipurr's Vendetta of Coonyham DM, GRP Janipurr's Vicious Lies, GRC,RW Janipurr's Vengeance, mi-ke Japanese Bobtail female kittens. Image Copyright 1997 Chanan Photography. All rights reserved.

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Janipurr Japanese Bobtails is Jennifer Reding and several cats, living in an undisclosed area near the San Francisco Bay.